Sketching Xuefei Yang

Some months ago, I set the goal of learning “Spanish Romance”, an anonymous classical guitar piece  with numerous variations thought to have been originally written in the 19th century.  I did eventually learn one version of it, but am now thinking of learning the version by Christopher Parkening or Frederick Noad.

(I took up the guitar in July 2013, at age 33, with no prior musical background.  More on my experiences with the Spanish guitar later!)

A close friend found an excellent rendition by Xuefei Yang, possibly the best rendition of this piece on YouTube:

Yang is one of the finest classical guitarists in the world.  She played at a church in a suburb of Houston late last year (apparently, the pastor is her childhood friend),  and my girlfriend at the time did a lot of legwork to get tickets for us.

The performance was excellent.  I sketched her while she played and later gave her the sketch when we met her backstage.





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