Another Portrait, Shaded

The same person asked me to shade this drawing for them:


Once again, I used Procreate for iPad and a stylus (took me about 50 minutes this time).  I modified the original drawing quite a bit:


Here’s a riff on the eye color, painted with Procreate in about 5 minutes:


“Zombie” eyes!


4 thoughts on “Another Portrait, Shaded

  1. Hi,
    I would like to know what you used on those great drawings. The Jot Pro or the Sensu?
    I’m really hesitating between the two to draw on my iPhone 6s Plus.
    I need something precise but also versatile and durable.
    From the many reviews I read, some mention that the Sensu’s rubber tip could be, after getting used too, as precise as the Jot Pro.
    Also they mentioned the Sensu being not only more versatile (having a brush), but that it would last longer too (having a durable rubber nib instead of a disc, which they say stops working or gets lost).

    For now I only have the money for one of them and I would really appreciate your help in choosing.



    1. Hi Dov,
      I used a New Trent (blunt) stylus. I pretty much stopped using my Sensu–I have the original version, but they may have upgraded it by now. Mine seemed to become less sensitive over time. It’s still useful for “painting” large areas. I feel that my Adonit Jot Pro (the original version) is far superior to my Sensu or to any blunt stylus for precise drawing, especially with the addition of shaved graphite to the tip, which was a permanent fix for the skipping I experienced with it out of the box:

      Hope this helps,

      1. Thank you so much!
        The drawing you made of “the Young Girl” is amazing! Especially like how you rendered her teeth, reminds me of pop art.
        Btw do you have any experience with the new version of the Jot Pro, would you recommend it over the old one? Also does it, as stated in many reviews, in your experience scratch the screen? And how suitable is it for fast “first-version” sketches?
        Thanks for your time you put in responding me. Have a nice!

      2. Thank you! Very glad you like it! I haven’t used the new Jot Pro, but my old one did scratch the screen because I was using too much pressure before putting some powdered graphite into the tip. After the graphite fix, it wrote with minimal pressure.

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