I type with blazing speed…and then spend a third to half of my time rapidly hitting the backspace key with my right pinky.  The faster I type, the more mistakes I make, and the more I need to backspace.  This is a ridiculous situation.

Something else happens when I type quickly:  I throw my fingers at the keyboard with more momentum.  They land with greater force.  Sometimes, they begin to ache.  This was hardly perceptible until last week, when I realized that the distal interphalangeal joint of my right pinky–the joint nearest the tip of the finger–ached while typing.

I realized I had to “backspace” my approach to typing–I had to “rewrite” my approach.  So, I forced myself to type slowly, softly.  It was hard to slow down at first, but I soon realized that I made hardly any mistakes while typing slowly, so I didn’t waste time on the backspace key and therefore didn’t lose much efficiency.  (“Slowly”, I realize, is a relative concept.)

I noticed something else:  typing now soothes my fingers instead of hurting them.  It’s become enjoyable.


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