iPad Art: A Simple Fix for My Adonit Jot Pro’s Skipping Problem

For at least the past few months, my Adonit Jot Pro stylus has been skipping.  When I press down harder on the iPad screen, the skipping goes away, but this has scratched the screen and is not a fun way to draw.

Last night, I easily fixed this problem:  I took the plastic disk off the tip, sprinkled some shaved graphite into where it connects with the handle, and then popped the handle back on.  It now writes perfectly with minimal pressure and feels like one of those gel pens!  I look forward to creating more art with the iPad now.

(Update 10/7/16: the Jot Pro is still skip-free!  It writes as perfectly today as it did when I posted this article.  The shaved graphite was a permanent fix.)

Here are some quick sketches I’ve done recently, all in Paper by 53 for iPad.  (Why hands and feet, you ask?  Well, when you’re lacking for a subject, your hands and feet can be challenging and interesting subjects to draw.)  Note how many strokes it took to outline the hands–that’s what happens when your stylus keeps skipping!

The portrait of Hippocrates, below, was done at the first Houston Sketchcrawl, a Meetup group I created a couple weeks ago.  I used a tiny portrait of Hippocrates, about ten feet away, as a reference and then made up a bunch of details.  I believe that art is most fun in a social setting.  We’ve only had one meeting so far and already have ~50 members!






IMG_0375 IMG_0379

Finally, here’s a quick sketch with my newly skip-free Jot Pro.  It’s much more pleasant to use!



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