Houston Sketchcrawl: Cullen Sculpture Garden, Revisited

We sketched at the Cullen Sculpture Garden again!  Only one other person showed up to this sketchcrawl and was drawing this statue when I arrived:


I sat down and sketched it in “true blue” (basically just a pale blue) Prismacolor colored pencil.  I hadn’t sketched all week, so I felt a bit rusty.  My friend agreed to become a co-organizer of our group (in response to my request that others step up to this role).  The more organizers, the better!  We can schedule more meetups, with a greater variety of activities, if we have multiple organizers.


After the meetup was over, I was walking out when I saw this statue by Auguste Rodin:

Screen shot 2014-09-14 at 10.59.38 PM

I sketched it quickly with the same colored pencil while standing (note that photographs make dark areas much darker than what the naked eye actually sees):



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