Houston Sketchcrawl: The Menil

We sketched at the Menil Collection yesterday. I decided to sketch my variation of a “mask of a dying warrior” with Prismacolor colored pencils:


The texture of the drawing resembled that of one of my watercolor pencil drawings…before water was applied!  Here’s an emerald toucanet that I sketched in watercolor pencil + colored pencil while traveling in Costa Rica in June 2013. It’s a freehand copy of the cover of a field guide (interestingly, the illustrator of the field guide was a famous guitarist before becoming an expat artist). It’s amazing what you can do with a few watercolor and cheap colored pencils!  I learned, during this painting, to finish the watercolor portions before moving to other media. (The top left portions were started in colored pencil and look out of place relative to the rest of the painting, which was started in watercolor pencil.)


Speaking of watercolor, members of the Houston Watercolor Art Society were sketching at Rice University the morning of our sketchcrawl.  I stopped several times during my jog that morning to introduce myself and take a look at their work.

Wax-based colored pencil drawings can also be “melted” to produce “paintings”, but this is done with solvents other than water, such as with odorless mineral spirits as described in this excellent book on colored pencil techniques.  Serious colored pencil drawings or paintings, though, require a lot of time, work, and patience (unlike, say, watercolor, which usually requires a fraction of the time).


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