Homemade Quince Jam

Before my mother was an ICU nurse, she was a homemaker.  Her cooking and baking skills are unbelievable!  I’ve decided to publicly document as many of her traditional Persian recipes (and delicious improvisations!) as I possibly can.  Let’s start with her homemade quince jam.

Quinces for sale at my local grocery store

Quince is an interesting fruit.  According to Wikipedia, it originated in Iran and other countries in and around the Caucasus before being introduced elsewhere.  Not a very palatable fruit to eat raw, it’s nonetheless high in pectin and delicious as a jam!  Okay, here we go:


8 quinces
3/4 cup organic pure Florida cane sugar (or some other cane sugar)
2 envelopes (14.4 grams) of plain Knox gelatin
1 teaspoon powdered vanilla
1 teaspoon ground cardamom
1/2 cup water


Wash and slice quinces.  Remove the seeds.  Put the cut quince in a pot and then add all the other ingredients to the pot.  Cook on low heat until the quince turns red and the syrup thickens.

This is what the jam looks like:

Homemade quince jam, in a jar

I’ve discovered that it’s particularly delicious with almond butter atop my mother’s home-baked bread, with plain homemade yogurt, or just straight out of the jar!

High-fiber home-baked bread with almond butter and quince jam!

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