More Ink Sketches

orchid sketch

I love drawing on cardboard–I’m not sure if it’s the tone or the firmness of the paper that’s so appealing.  I was house-sitting for my parents on March 26, 2014, so I found a black ballpoint pen and some cardboard and quickly sketched one of my mother’s orchids before I fell asleep.  Here’s another drawing on cardboard, this one with an Ebony pencil.


My girlfriend gave me a lined Moleskine notebook.  I used a black Sharpie fine point pen to sketch the above face.  I don’t remember if I just drew an imaginary face or if I sketched the face of a statue somewhere.

foot drawing

I sketched my foot with Pentel Pocket ink brush pen while talking on the phone. Casual phone conversations are a great opportunity to practice drawing because it’s a nonverbal activity: you can draw and talk at the same time.


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