Rapid Sketches from Photos, Mostly of Birds, and Mostly During Call

During fellowship and shortly afterward, I spent some time moonlighting at a one-bed emergency department.  (Yes, a single bed.  It was great!)  One can only study so much while stuck in a call room waiting for patients to roll in, so I spent some of that time improving my freehand drawing skills by sketching birds from photos I found online and in magazines.  These graphite sketches–made with a clutch pencil–are shown below.

The cardinal and the golden jackal were drawn on a Boogie Board (an LCD tablet).




iPad Art: Discovered Landscape

imaginary subalpine landscape

While browsing artwork I created with Procreate for iPad, I discovered this imaginary subalpine landscape that I had completely forgotten about.  I painted it on a whim more than two years ago, probably to experiment with Impressionism.  I didn’t think much of it back then, but I like it now.  (Perhaps because I visited the Canadian Rockies this year?)

iPad Art: Rapid Sketch of a Soprano Ukulele in Paper by 53


I recently updated Paper by 53 on my iPad and was pleased to find that it’s been updated with key features that make it much more likely for me to use it in the future:

1. The zoom lens expands as you approach its border, making it easier to draw while zoomed-in on detail.

2. The watercolor brush maintains your current wash even if you lift your stylus briefly.  In the past, it would start a new wash if contact with the screen was broken.  It was quite a challenge, without a sufficiently receptive stylus (or your finger) to create large, uniform washes.  That’s no longer the case.

3. The watercolor brush changes to a smaller size when you’re zoomed-in, allowing finer detail (even if you’re not using a pressure-sensitive bluetooth-enabled stylus).  This, along with #2, is a critical feature that I really appreciate.  I couldn’t take the watercolor brush seriously until now.  (Real watercolor brushes are so much more nuanced in applying paint to paper.)

As for ukulele, I have two soprano ukes and am learning them on and off while learning classical guitar (which is my primary musical focus for now).